Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Technology (& Book Lovers) Tip July 10th

I'm always looking for the next book--it's a curse really, I barely finish one (or barely start one) and I'm already lining up the books "on deck". Which means, on my library holds list or on my GoodReads.com "want to read" shelf. 

However, today, I actually purchased a book from the book store (ahem, Barnes & Noble) and much to my surprise and excitement this was my receipt:

Based on my purchase, the computer presented additional books I might like. Granted, I understand this is an advertising ploy, BUT, the point is--it worked. I immediately went to look up all of the other books listed and some of them even caught my eye! Once again, I'm collecting my "on deck" reading--and this time I'm purposeful in how I look.

There are other sites that can help you with your next book as well:
Goodreads.com (like a facebook for book lovers)
And then of course there are reading lists EVERYWHERE! 

So, enjoy book lovers/technology nerds. Get your summer read on!

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