Monday, July 15, 2013

Ed Tech Tip: July

Google Story Builder

I love the Google Doc Stories (see Hall & Oates and 30 Rock examples).

It was only recently that I discovered you can make your own!

Check out Google Story Builder

It started with writers being able to interact with famous writers/thinkers of the past (see the Gone Google site). You would start to type a story and the inevitable, Emily Dickinson would step in, delete what you've written and add some morose reflection about death, or Poe jumps in and changes words like "stars" to "crystalline celestial spheres". It evolved to allowing users to choose and create their own Google Stories, complete with the filming of the actual typing (like the examples above).

I can think of so many educational uses for this! What do you think of? 

Reading/Language Arts/Writing:
conversations with authors (the student imagining the conversation with the author)
have characters create their own "character analysis"--watch them argue as they revise
collaborative writing between authors (imagine if Poe had to write with Shakespeare, or McCarthy with Golding)

examine a theory by selecting scientists from around time and the globe to debate the creation of the theory
tell the story of an aspect of anything (weather, geology, climate change) with a combination of voices

Social Studies:
take on a variety of roles from locations around the world and construct belief statements on what it means to be a human being
show misconceptions of stereotypes by having students create wiki entries and have "experts" from the areas or times come and correct their thoughts

debate between mathematicians

There are so many possibilities! Have fun!!!

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